Content Management for Events

No more wasted time!

Xerberus combines three of the most common elements of any event related website under one hood: content, tournaments and shop.

No need to use three different systems and websites to handle your event!  You can do it all in one single control panel.

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In it’s current form Xerberus holds the features of a proper content management system.

You can create static pages to display information, write a blog or other time sensitive content and set up your navigation how you like. The file library is at your disposal to upload and control images for your content. You can also include other people to manage your site thanks to a role based access control.

We have enabled a WYSIWYG editor with a link to your layout's stylesheet so it truly is what you see is what you get. Through all this you are able to create the website you want.

Many more enhancements are soon to follow.


Xerberus contains a fully functioning tournament system that is being improved constantly. You can create multiple tournaments, groups, playoffs and handle everything through the dashboard. Soon players and teams will be able to sign up themselves and insert results or you can have admins control the tournament in every aspect.

We have developers deeply embedded in the gaming community who are listening to everyone about improvement ideas and constantly expanding what Xerberus can do. We're building new features in the future including a chat to communicate with admins in conflict situations and a real time veto-system for maps and heroes.

We're also integrating the Finnish eSports Federation's player license system into Xerberus as soon as possible.

You can read a more detailed features list here.


This feature is still under development

In the future the goal is to open a shop system with full features. We will open the possibility for ticket sales first and later the ability to create a seat map.

Other features include integrations with most known payment providers in Finland; Maksuturva and Checkout. We will also be integrating Stripe for card payments. This way payment data will be handled by a third party and Xerberus will only deal with given tokens or confirmations so your shop is more secure.

See full list of features here.


We are developing the platform with a mobile-first approach, so that you are able to control your website with any smart device be it phone, tablet, laptop or a desktop.

No need to look for just a desktop anymore! Just grab your device, log in and update content or scores from anywhere you have an internet connection from!