We have made our pricing incredibly simple. Xerberus has only one price and an extra feature (not yet available) for a provisional fee. Everything is included in these two.

Content & Tournaments

Fully hosted website with HTTPS-protocol enabled and access to one premade website layout that is mobile friendly. Full access to content management and tournament system features with no restrictions. 5 GB of disk space for files and unlimited network traffic.

120 € / year (VAT 0%)

Does not include separate domain charges or customized layout solutions. 


This package requires the Content & Tournaments package.

Full access to the shop system including all payment methods.

- Announced later -
/ provisional fee per sold ticket (VAT 0%)

This fee is only subject to tickets sold. Provisional fees are non-refundable.  Gaining access to payment methods requires you to have an agreement with a provider to receive credentials for us to access their API. 

These packages are subject to terms of use.


Xerberus offers you access to two premade layouts. With these layouts you have limited access to change site settings. 

Customized layout solutions will be programmed by our developers to ensure their integrity and quality. All solutions will be given unique offers depending on their scale.


We do take in additional requests for features for the platform.

Additional features which we do not consider vital for the platform will be subject to review and completed for each site separately. All custom features will be given unique offers depending on their scale.