This page is being updated on a regular basis. Not all feature details are yet listed here. Feature descriptions may be subject to change.



Static pages hold information that shouldn't be changed frequently. In Xerberus you are able to create pages with a revision history and choose if they are published or not. Pages can be automatically added to menus as links.


In Xerberus you can create menus to hold menu items or links. These menus can be displayed anywhere on your page and link to internal or external pages. Menu items have hierarchy so you are able to create parent or child links easily using a drag & drop feature.


Articles are time sensitive releases of content and they can be titled as articles, news, blogs etc. You can categorize articles and release them whenever you want, even in the future by setting a release date. The content can easily be controlled using a WYSIWYG editor and all articles contain a revision history.



You will be able to either create contestants yourself or have real people sign up for tournaments using their accounts. Each player will have their game id verified before being able to sign-up for a tournament.

In later stages players and teams will have a public profile where their information will be displayed.


From a list of contestants you can create any number of groups you want. Groups can be played using a round robin or 4 player double elimination system. Seeds can be determined from contestants or randomly. You can also set the number of contestants who advance to playoffs automatically.


Playoffs can be played using a single or double elimination format with the option of a bronze match. Any number of playoff brackets can be created. Seeds can be pre-determined, from contestants or completely random.

Self sign-ups

We will be enabling self-signup for tournaments making it easier for players to join up. Players are required to sign up and confirm their sign in within a set time period of your choosing. Player game id's will be verified. After the sign-up is over the verified players will be transferred to a pool of contestants from where you are able to create groups or playoff brackets from.


You will be able to include streams to specific matches or the entire tournament. A list of channels will be shown to viewers so they are able to spectate matches or channels can be embedded on the match or tournament information.

Embed tournaments

We have created a very simple embed tool to help you embed tournament contestants, groups and brackets on your website using an iframe element. This will allow sites which do not necessarily want or can create API integrations to  display tournament data on their site.

Users and permissions

Xerberus has a user management tool to handle users on the front- and back-end. A role based access control has been implemented to control permissions on various events throughout the system such as saving or editing content, allowing to read certain content types etc. You will be able to create roles besides user and admin to allow different roles to handle different aspects of your site.


Xerberus contains a file library where you can upload and host files up to 5 GB in total space. These files are easily available for use in your site. The library is built to be easy to browse and use allowing you to delete files, preview images, open them in the browser and show you how much space they take.

We have an image tool in place to help you insert files to content and set their width and height and also if they are trimmed, cropped and\or upscaled. This will be integrated into our WYSIWYG editor too.

Note! The file library is not designed to be hidden from the public. It is designed to host images, replays and shareable documents publicly. If we receive requests or see it necessary all files will be moved out of the website directory and physically out of reach from the public. We will then build a handler to serve files according to permissions.


Xerberus does not hold on to any sensitive data. We use strong algorithms to hash all user passwords and never store or send them in plain text format.

Social media sign in

We do not hold on to social media information nor do we request anything more than your email address. We only use the email address from received information to either sign in or sign up a user. Your sign in will be handled by said social media site and your password or any other sensitive data will not be passed to us.


All Xerberus websites will be hosted with an SSL certificate allowing the use of HTTPS-protocol. This way all sites and all transferred data are a bit safer.

Closed source

Xerberus source code will remain closed with access to a limited amount of developers. All sensitive code will be reviewed and safe coding standards are used.


Xerberus is built using a very lightweight PHP framework which means it has no redundancies making it extremely fast. We aim for performance, speed and quality.

In cases where we need to retrieve data from an outside source we will be using scheduled runs so that visitors will not be affected.


Even though our API is still under development, it is operational. Currently you are able to fetch upcoming match data only via the API using an access token, retrieved via your client id and secret (OAuth authentication). However creating client id's and secrets is still an upcoming feature.

You can read more about our API here.

Mobile friendly

We are building Xerberus as a platform, mobile friendly. Our goal is so that you don't have to look for a desktop every time you want to control your website. You can just pick up any smart device you have available be it phone or a tablet and just log in and edit content.


Xerberus contains a TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor to edit content with. Your layout's stylesheet will be used to display your content in the editor so it truly is what you see is what you get in your website.

free layout

Xerberus contains one free premade layouts that you can uuse where you have limited access to change site settings.

For custom layout solutions you can read about in our pricing page or contact our support.


Xerberus was built from the start with localization in mind. You will be able to choose the default language of your website in addition to adding other languages. When people enter your website their preferred language will be chosen and they will be able to change it if they like.

All content types will be made translatable and you will be able to translate every word in your templates through the dashboard.