Can I download Xerberus?

  • No. The source code will be kept closed for security and ofcourse commercial purposes.

Is Xerberus free?

  • No.

Who developed Xerberus?

  • Xerberus' idea originally came from Ossi "Rcls" Pesonen. A full time web developer and graphic artist, who worked at or visited multiple LAN-events all around Finland. He created the core, the idea and put together this project. Juho "Azhrak" Nieminen has been developing the tournament system for years now and allowed his code to be used for Xerberus' and joined in as a developer.

Why a provisional fee with tickets?

  • The provisional fee is a simpler pricing solution to any other when talking about a ticket system. Our main focus is only to cover upkeep costs of the system at this point and a provisional fee will allow us to do that.

I want to launch a website in Xerberus. How do I do that?

Can I program my own layout in Xerberus?

  • No. Not yet anyway. You can deliver your layout to our developers to be programmed for you. You can read more about customized layout pricing here.