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Platform shutting down end of 2019

I will not be writing a long post about this. It is unfortunate, but after almost four years of development, two of those being operational, I have arrived to the sad conclusion that I do not have the time to reliably maintain the platform and develop it as it should be.

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Developers wanted

Xerberus has now been under development for the past 2 years. We've gained a lot of ground but there is still so much we need to improve on and we need more people to do so.

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The hot topic of this month is GDPR, the EU regulated law which takes place this week and affects every system on Europe which stores user data. We have already taken this into account when creating our system and our privacy policy.

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Up and running

Today we had our first minor version release, 1.01. Our official launch date was this Wednesday, 11.04.2018 and it went as planned.

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Applied Scrum methodology

Our development team has started to apply Scrum (partially) as a development framework to get a better handle on the project. This will manifest itself in a more transparent and clear way of fixing issues and bringing forth updates.

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Beta testing January 2018

We have now entered a stage of development where our goal is to have a functioning content and tournament management by the beginning of January, next year (2018). We will then move on to beta testing.

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One year gone

It's been a year now since Xerberus' construction began and it has now reached a point where things will start moving at a more rapid rate. A new website has been released to actually mark a new step in development.