One year gone

It's been a year now since Xerberus' construction began and it has now reached a point where things will start moving at a more rapid rate. A new website has been released to actually mark a new step in development.

Xerberus Dashboard

As a sign of a big milestone being reached we've updated the website to contain more information about the system. We've set up a Features page which will eventually contain detailed information about the features inside Xerberus as they are being completed. Some of the features are still only ideas but the only thing they require is time to be completed.

We've also cleared previous blog posts to focus them more on major news such as this. We've set up a @Xerberusapp Twitter account to keep you updated on minor updates.

The Pricing page contains information about Xerberus pricing which will be updated as we get closer to a beta release. We only have one single price for full website hosting and an additional feature for the ticket system with a provisional fee. Exact prices will be locked on a further date.

Scheduled beta release

We have scheduled the beta release later this fall if everything goes according to plan. We have a lot of things we must get completed and partners who are waiting for these features to be completed.

We will not be releasing all the features yet but focusing on the content and tournament systems to be up and running without major problems.