The hot topic of this month is GDPR, the EU regulated law which takes place this week and affects every system on Europe which stores user data. We have already taken this into account when creating our system and our privacy policy.

When Xerberus was built, privacy was a big thing in our minds. All user data must be protected and we already took steps to provide this. You can read it in details in our Privacy Policy which is in affect the same as a data protection agreement to us.

To summarize:

  • Your personal data can be altered by you if you want, permanently. We do not keep permanent records of your user history, just the current one which is fully under your control. We also do not require you to input any valid data, except an email address which you can access. Even this can be of your own design unrecognizable.
  • We do store your email address which is harder to change but you can still do this and the change is permanent!
  • Your passwords are hashed with proper methods and our password policies are rather strict.
  • Other information we store is your IP address, but only on a pre-determined time period (maximum of 2 weeks) on a very limited amount of actions through the system after which it is permanently purged from the database and cannot be restored. Most likely you are not even affected by this.
  • SuomiSport player licensing service provides us with your email address and phone number. We encrypt this data before saving them to our database, which is also protected. We have also signed an agreement with the developing company behind SuomiSport to protect your user data coming from their service and we do remove these recods once licenses expire, permanently.
  • If you want, we can and will remove your personal data if you are unable to do this yourself, but you can do this via your profile page.
  • We do not sell, give out or trade user information to anyone.
  • We will inform you of any data breaches in our system and will take nescessary precautions into avoiding such events from occurring.