Development in 2020

Hello everyone, and hope you are doing well with the current situation of the world! This is a quick post on where we are at currently.

The development team has not stopped working even though we've been quiet for quite some time now. We've shifted focus from developing the main application into developing the online store and it's features. We've been pushing hidden features out and these will be available once store development is finished.

Our original plan was to launch the store features at December of 2019, but unfortunately we had too many undeveloped ones. We did not want to end up with an incomplete solution that we had to monkey patch every five minutes. We're now focusing on 2021.

New major version in the works

We have slowly started to take steps towards a new major version of Xerberus App. This is really big for us as we'll be doing a complete rewrite of the platform's architecture. Once it's done we'll be opening a public facing API, that you can query using GraphQL!

This decision stems from a long issue we've had with the ability to customize themes. We could not figure out a non-hacky and secure solution as to how site owners could customize their themes, or build their own. This proved to be problematic when it came to the online store portion, which we wanted to develop using a modern front-end technology stack.

Well, soon you can develop your own website with any front-end technology you like, using our feature rich API! Our goal is to release the beta of version 2.0 in Q3/2020.

Open source front-end solution

We will be developing a completely new front-end solution using Vue.js, against our own API. Vue.js enables rapid development on our part with a modern technology stack that is super fast and flexible.

It also enables us to create a better user experience, as it will work completely separate from the actual application. We can push fast changes to it without affecting the core software while any core software changes will be backwards compatible and not affect the front-end.

We will also be open sourcing this solution, enabling you to take and extend our work, or develop your own solution for your website and store. We will also take in feature requests.

Online store features in development

We haven't really advertised our online store features as we are still planning some of them, but what we can promise is the following:

  • Products
  • Categories
  • Basket
  • Discounts
  • Seat map (you can design and upload it yourself)
  • Payments
  • Tickets

We are currently about 60% done with the features with the last 10% being about fine tuning everything.

Version 1 deprecation

We won't be adding any more features to version one of Xerberus. All future development will be redirected to the new version. Our stub of an API will also cease to work at the end of 2020 in favor of the new one.

New documentation site

We'll be soon releasing a brand new documentation site using Gitbook. Our current documentation site is only up to date regarding our changelog and our docs are not very extensive.

We hope to improve on this. Gitbook offers us tools for swift documentation.

We hope to add our future API schema descriptions here as well, even though GraphQL is self documenting and you can use introspection to fetch the schema yourself.

New website

In the wake of this we will also be releasing a new website sometime soon. We hope to improve on the content and bring a more detailed look on features Xerberus has to offer.