Applied Scrum methodology

Our development team has started to apply Scrum (partially) as a development framework to get a better handle on the project. This will manifest itself in a more transparent and clear way of fixing issues and bringing forth updates.


Scrum is a very popular methodology in software development which involves planning, daily meetings, sprints, weekly reviews. During sprints developers will complete fixing issues or developing new features which have been determined beforehand during planning stages. We have now partially applied this methodology to help us work better on the project and it has proven itself helpul.

Because we are a small group, each working on the project remotely and as this is a side project we will not be having daily meetings or reviews, but rather two week sprints during which issues are fixed and updates are developed. After the sprint is over we will have a small review and compile the code we worked on to bring forward a new version. We will be releasing a list of things fixed or updated during each version release as the project moves on to the production stage.